Tips when Searching for Student Scholarships Online

Thanks to the internet. Anyone can now research for available scholarship that is fitting for their needs through a click of a button. The advances in technology have enabled anyone to find anything in minutes. In looking for college scholarships and grants, it is wise to use technology particularly the internet to save time and energy.

Here are some tips for you all looking for student scholarships online.

  1. When searching for anything on the web, make sure you have your computer running smoothly.
  2. Open your favourite browser and clean the history. Having done this will give you a fresh template and will make loading faster.
  3. Use any search engine of your choice. But you can use all search engines available. Remember that each search engine will give you different results when you search for student scholarships. Some results may appear in one search engine, but may not appear in the others.
  4. Be specific with keywords you will use in searching for student scholarships. For example you can use “student scholarships”, “free student scholarships”, or “education grants for Americans” or “scholarship grants for 2017”. If you are being specific, you will get the most relevant results.
  5. Play with words. If the results from your search are not what you’re looking for, then vary the keywords. Sometimes, rearranging the keywords would do the trick. There are even times when by making phrases incorrectly will yield better search results. For instance, you can play with the words “College Scholarships and Grants”. You can make it “grants and scholarships for college” or you can make it this way “scholarship college grant”. That doesn’t seem right, but there’ll be results for this. Do not settle with simple keywords. Be imaginative. Variation can help you in your research for scholarships online.
  6. Use bookmarks to save website addresses. The bookmark option on your computer has a purpose to serve. It saves “urls” for you. You can go back to these links any time you want. Just bookmark them for visit later.
  7. Get your notepad or word document ready. You can use these when you are making a list of the scholarships you like. To make things even easier, just remember these shortcuts on your keyboard:

    CTRL+C- command for copy
    CTRL+V- command for paste

  8. Check your browser’s history. This tip comes handy when you did not save the url of the scholarship provider and you have entirely forgotten the link address. Just go to the “history” of your browser and voila, you’ll have all the websites you have previously visited. By the way, this option works only if you allow your browser to remember the history.

These simple tips will make searching for the best college scholarships and grants online a lot easier. So keep them in mind.

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