Different Student Scholarship Grants at $1000

Below are some of the student scholarship grants with an award of $1000. The award value is not that high for these student scholarships but nonetheless, they remain of help to many students.

  1. Real World Design Challenge or RWDC offers education grant valued at $1000. The RWDC is a high school competition run on an annual basis through a public –private partnership. It is focused on Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics or STEM. RWDC aims to improve STEM education in the US through science, engineering, and mathematics educational resources provided to students and teachers alike.

    RWDC partnership may be between government and the academy, or between the academy and an industry. Learning resources are brought into every school or classroom. Many States participate in this competition in the hopes of helping their own schools and students.

    Perhaps one of the best features of the RWDC is that every teacher who participates gets $1million in professional engineering software with training, curriculum materials and free access to mentors. We are talking of $1million here plus a whole lot of free stuff. Although the winner student only gets $1000 worth of scholarship grant, the $1million can definitely help his school. What are you waiting for? Submit your scholarship application now!

  2. Youth Noise Scholarship Program. This student scholarship is a unique one. It aims to encourage creativity and personal development. The participants to the contest will be required to create a 2 to 5 minute video that will explain how new ideas can help shape the world and what makes education the key to a better, brighter future. Through the video presentation, you will be able to express your vision of what the future might be. There are many video editing software nowadays. Making a good video is not a problem at all. The contest is all about creativity and value. So be creative and smart if you will join this contest. The winner of the contest will enjoy $1000 university or college scholarship. Scholarship application is now accepted!
  3. Give A Student Scholarship. This student scholarship is another great one. The requirements are simple to meet. First you need to answer this question: “

    “How will you use your talents and education to make the world a better place for future generations? What are your career and personal goals and why?”

    Your essay must meet the number of words requirement which is at least 600 and at most 1000 words. You also need to attach your resume to your essay. Scholarship applicants can only apply once every year to give way to other applicants. How the essays are judged may be done publicly by other people. Your essays may be posted anonymously on a website. It is thus imperative to never give away private information in your essays. The winner will receive $1000 worth of student scholarship.

There are so many education grants to choose from. If you do not like what we have presented here, do not be dismayed, there are more that you can choose from. Please check our other articles for list of other education grants for you.

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