Scholarship Scams

There are thousands of people have become victims of scholarship scams. Students and parents have complained of being defrauded by college scholarships and grants. As fake scholarship programs look like legitimate, scholarship scams is a common occurrence. Fake college scholarships and grants are cleverly advertised to the would-be victims. The fake scholarships would look like they come from legitimate government entities, private organizations, foundations or individuals. They would also use words like “national”, “federal”, “government”, “foundation”, “administration” as these sound official and authoritative. Fake scholarship programs would also use names of an individual like “Bill Gates”. They would also use fake emails that sound legit by incorporating certain words mentioned above. For example, they may use “”. While that may sound official, it is not as it uses a free email provider such as yahoo. Legitimate scholarship programs will have an official email address that is not free like yahoo and gmail.

Many people still fall for these scams in their effort to cut their expenses in going to college. The victims of scholarship scams lose thousands of dollars, perhaps millions of dollars if we are to account the undocumented ones and those that were never reported. Some of these would not only steal your money that you pay them, but will drain your atm card- debit cards/credit cards. Be wary in giving away your card number, account number, and other financial information. Identity theft can also result from scholarship scams. These scammers can sell your identity details to other people or they will use your identity for some criminal activity. That is very dangerous.

Knowledge is the key to avoid these fraudulent scholarship programs. You must know the characteristics of legitimate organizations offering college scholarships and grants from the fraudulent organizations. You must cross check information before making any decision. As an early sign of fake scholarship program, the program will ask you for an application fee, or any fee before you can apply for the grant. Whenever you encounter one like this, that should sound the alarm for you. Be very cautious as well if it asks you for an advance fee. Scammers are expert at defrauding people. They have mastered the art of faking, that it is very hard to distinguish them from the real ones. When you are in doubt always listen to your intuition as somehow it is already guiding you.

College scholarships and grants will definitely help you get to college. But the journey to finding one that will suit you is sometimes not easy. Fraudulent schemes by scam artists can lure you. Do not fall for them. Be wise and cautious when looking for college scholarships and grants. You will not go wrong!

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