Be Wary of Sweeping Claims of Scholarship Grant Providers

Scholarships for College is an extremely beneficial help for students from all walks of life. For many, it is a life saver and a conduit to reaching their dreams. While grants for education offer money for college, some scrupulous individuals have taken advantage of this beautiful support system. Scam artists are taking advantage of the hungry students who are searching for available grants for education that will answer their financial dilemma.

Sweeping claims from scholarship grant providers deserve the scrutinizing eyes. Below are examples of the declarations:

“For a little monetary consideration, you can get you scholarship now!” – This is not correct! Scholarships are free money for college. It will not cost a penny to get one. It would be ironic to pay money so you can get money. Right?

“Guaranteed Scholarship or Your money back.”– This is an alarming claim. You will not be guaranteed any scholarship unless you pass and meet the requirements. So do not believe this line. Also there shouldn’t be any money involved during the application process.

“This information is available only here.” – Scholarships for college are open to everyone who qualifies. They are publicly announced and made available. Thus you can expect to find information about these scholarships online in any search engine or perhaps read about them on the bulletin of your school. College scholarship databases are also good places to start checking on the scholarship grants you have found. It pays to research everything.

“To enjoy your scholarship grant please submit your bank account number, credit card number, debit card number”.- Another red flag. Scholarship funds are usually handed out in a form of check. Sometimes they are sent straight to the college or university you will attend to. Bank account details shouldn’t be asked at all. If these are being asked, then you know what you are dealing with.

“Congratulations! You are the fortunate beneficiary of a Scholarship Grant. As a requirement please submit some information about yourself.”– Scholarship grants are not randomly given. You won’t get a phone call telling you you’ve won a scholarship grant for that matter. Legitimate scholarship providers will never call your phone –landline or cellular phone just to break the good news to you. You wouldn’t believe you are that lucky to receive this grant would you?

The aforementioned claims are just few of the claims that scam artists will use to fool people. There are thousands of legitimate scholarships that will provide you free money for college. But there are also hundreds of fake scholarship grants that will lure you with free money for college. Do not be fooled. Research! Research! Research! And if the offers are too good to be true, then stay away from it!

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